The Show Must Go On: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Saga Continues

It was announced earlier this week that Jon Gosselin was being fired by TLC from the family’s hit show “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, but what you might not have heard by now is about the TV dad’s retalliation; threating to pull the plug on the show saying he believes the environment is detrimental to his children. Funny how that never came up when the couple was struggling to save their marriage, or even while he was still actively involved with the show. This announcement only came after his TLC paycheque was being threatened. Nonetheless, here’s Jon Gosselin’s take on the situation, as he outlined in an interview on Larry King Live last night.

“It’s not healthy for my kids to be on the show… it’s detrimental to them. It’s my right as a parent and as a father of my kids to determine whether the show is good for my family. I don’t think it’s healthy for them because we’re going through a divorce right now. I don’t think it should be televised and I think my kids should be taken off the show.”

Kate’s camp has also responded today, explaining that Jon will not be in a position to pull the plug on “Kate Plus 8”. On the Today Show this morning, Kate’s lawyer explained the couple’s agreement “These parties entered into an agreement once the divorce action was filed that allowed each parent — who had physical custody of the children — to make the filming decisions when the children were with them,” said Mark Momjian.
Well, at least one positive resolution came out of the situation today -Jon Gosselin changed the sign banning TLC from his home which contained a few typos – including the spelling of his name.

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