The Nature Of Things: A Murder of Crows

October 11

Tune in to THE NATURE OF THINGS with David Suzuki this season on Sundays, at 9 p.m. (9:30 p.m. NT). Kicking off the season is A Murder of Crows, a documentary that gives audiences a rare and intimate glimpse of the American crow—a bird considered to be one of the most intelligent, playful and mischievous species on the planet. With cameras following world-renowned scientist and crow expert Professor John Marzluff, as he explores the secret world of this bird, audiences will be treated to little-known facts about this haunting and elusive species. A visually stunning and scientific exploration of a common, but poorly understood creature that lives among us, A Murder of Crows will challenge the audience’s perception of the crow as “neighbourhood pest” and encourage a deeper understanding and respect for this bird.

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