The Hills is Back with Lots of Fake Drama!

A new season of MTV’s “The Hills” started up again last night and while viewers can expect more drama than ever, they should stop living under the illusion that the show is real. On Monday, new star Kristin Cavallari spoke with the Los Angeles times and said what some have always thought – that the show is entirely scripted. While producers of the show, and some of the other stars still deny that it’s fake, Cavallari wants everyone to know otherwise. Hmm, wonder if that means she’s really not so dramatic and confrontational as the show depicts her, or if that’s all true.

“I pretty much do anything they have me do because I don’t care.  I mean, we’re filming a TV show. Let’s make it interesting. Let’s have a good time with it,” Cavallari told The Los Angeles Times in a Monday report. Cavallari went on to say that “Everyone is trying to get story lines and create drama in their lives. It’s just so… fake. There’s no truth to it. At all.” Cavallari also compares the Hills to Curb Your Enthusiasm in another staetment “They tell us what to talk about,” she told The Times. “Listen, I have fun with it. They film Curb Your Enthusiasm the same way.” and makes it clear that for her, the Hills is just a job. “What else would I see it as? Hanging out with my friends? That’s not it. It’s a job. It’s pretty easy,” she told The Times.
“The thing is, if this was a reality show about my life, they would follow me going to auditions and studying with acting coaches, but they didn’t want to show that because it’s not glamorous.  They make it seem like we have perfect lives and like we have all this money.”

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