Kate Gosselin Answers Viewers Questions on Jon & Kate Plus 8

This week TLC is really going all out, letting viewers connect with two of TLC’s hottest moms – Michelle Duggar and of course Kate Gosselin in a Q&A. While Jon & Kate Plus 8 have answered viewer questions during past seasons of Jon & Kate Plus 8, this will be the first time that there’s something more than basic parenting and cute things their kids have done to talk about. Only Kate will be sitting down in the interview chair to ask controversial and personal questions posed by viewers – which according to previews include her goals for her family in the next 10 years, her plans to marry again, and if she reads the tabloids.

Noticeably absent from the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Q&A will be Jon Gosselin; probably a smart move on TLC’s part since the dad has not been nearly as diplomatic about the couple’s drama as his estranged wife and has been saying some not so kind things to the media about the network.

Who knows if tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be as revealing as viewers are hoping for, but I would bet that many will tune into find out, making this a good PR move on behalf of the network when other media outlets are hearing about the couple’s struggles and the show itself has had a limited focus.

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