Jon & Octomom in a Reality Mashup?

There have been rumors circulating that Jon Gosselin and Octomom are about to team up in a reality TV mashup which began since Nadia Suleman announced that she has a massive crush on the dad from Jon & Kate Plus 8. It’s a terrifying idea, really, but you’ve heard about all of that before. However, I think there could be some interest in watching two “reality TV stars” film together, while still claiming to hate the cameras and everything that they’ve done to their families.

Jon Gosselin has been very vocal lately about announcing his distaste for TLC’s filming, perhaps, if this concept came to fruition, it wouldn’t involve his 8; and he’s made it pretty clear through talks with the media that he doesn’t shy away from cameras or media attention (he complains about the paparazzi while approaching them just to chat). Octomom also flat out insulted the Gosselin family when asked in the early days if she would follow in their footsteps with a reality TV show. She claimed she’d never expose her kids to that, and later, when a deal was in the works claimed that it was simply a “documentary”…yeah, that’s how the Gosselins got their start too.

The show itself would be a trainwreck if it turns out to be more than just idle gossip, but there’s got to be entertainment value in watching two peas in a pod put on a song and dance for the cameras while all the while claiming they hate the attention. Right?

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