Is the a Relationship Between the Jon & Kate Saga and the Loss of Viewers?

At the beginning of the drama, more viewers than ever tuned into Jon & Kate Plus 8…but as the drama continues on, are people tiring of it? According to statistics outlined by the Globe and Mail this week, it sure looks that way.

May 25: 9.8 million

The season premiere is preceded by months of rumours that the couple are on the rocks. Photos of Jon with a woman emerge.

June 22: 10.6 million

News that it’s Jon minus Kate leaks hours before the episode in which Jon and Kate announce their split – winning the show its largest audience to date.

Aug. 3: 4.2 million

The show returns from hiatus. Jon – with newly pierced ears and a 22-year-old girlfriend – finds himself a pad in Manhattan.

Aug. 17: three million

Police arrive at the family home when Kate pops by after she learns a babysitter she didn’t approve of is tending the kids.

Sept. 14: 1.789 million

Jon speaks out in a TV interview for the first time since they split. He says he’s done taking “a lot of abuse” from Kate and complains that her solo pursuits have turned her into an absentee parent.

Sept. 21: 1.714 million

Jon appears at a theme park in Amherst, N.Y., to sign autographs. Meanwhile, former nanny Stephanie Santoro joins a growing list of women who say they’ve had sex with Jon.

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