Henee Hoax: They Might Not Have Done it Alone

As if the balloon boy hoax hasn’t already become juicy enough, the story is still developing. The balloon boy situation, which was rumored to be a hoax by the public, received further ammunition this morning with the local police enforcement department revealed that they have found evidence that has lead them to believe that the balloon boy stunt was a hoax, including, an examination of the vessel that proved it never could have held the weight of 6-year old Falcon Henee.

To add to the drama, now, law enforcement believes that a certain reality TV company just might have conspired with the family to create this media hoax in order to give the family a TV show deal. If evidence is found to confirm this allegation, then this reality TV company might also face charges similar to the Henee family.

Not to say I told you so, but there were some skeptics that this was a hoax both before and after Falcon’s big announcement on CNN, but now, I think there’s no question that there was no truth to the story and it just keeps getting better now!

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