Full Episodes of Your Favourite OLN Programs Now Available Online

Be whisked away by some of your favourite OLN adventure and travel shows online at OLN.ca!

Log on and open your eyes to new lands with Scott, Justin and Andre in Departures, adventure off the beaten path with the Eagar brothers in Which Way To… and be inspired by Canada’s top travel writers in Word Travels. Then, take a walk on the wild side with Treks in a Wild World, battle the elements with George Kourounis in Angry Planet, learn survival tips from Survivorman Les Stroud and watch as the prey try to outsmart Terry Grant in Mantracker.

Catch up on Which Way To… Season 1, Treks in a Wild World Season 4, Word Travels Season 2 and Angry Planet Season 2 – the adventure never ends! Plus catch new episodes of Survivorman, Mantracker and Departures updated monthly.

Which Way To… Embrace the unknown with the Eagar brothers of Canada, Jeff, Chris and Stephen – as they take you to exotic travel locations around the world and provide a unique behind-the-scenes perspective you won’t be find in any tourist guide! These homegrown mariners give a national take on international adventures that takes you off the beaten path and into the unfamiliar.

Treks in a Wild World: In each episode of Treks in a Wild World our intrepid trekkers travel to far-flung regions where they embark on incredible journeys combining ecology, anthropology and history with action sports and outdoor pursuits.

Word Travels: Follow the lives of Robin Esrock and Julia Dimon, two of Canada’s hottest young travel writers in Word Travels. With stunning visuals filmed across six continents, each exciting half-hour episode gives viewers the real goods about professional travel journalism.

Angry Planet: While many Canadians wish to evade the barrage of bad weather pummeling the nation, daring storm chaser George Kourounis eagerly heads into the heart of these storms – and other natural phenomena in Angry Planet.

: Each episode of the series follows Les Stroud as he struggles to stay alive in the harshest of conditions, alone for seven days. He has the advantage of his trusty multi-tool, but must lug around 23 kilograms of camera equipment at all times to document his adventure. With little water and sometimes no food to sustain himself, Stroud must use his wits and improvise if he wants to get out alive.

: Throughout each episode, two “prey” attempt to outwit and outrun Mantracker, Terry Grant, a veteran cowboy and expert outdoorsman trained to track and retrieve missing persons in the bush.

Departures is the action-packed and personal journey of two travelers, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach who leave their lives behind in search of unique experiences through some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth as seen through the expert lens of award-winning director and cinematographer Andre Dupuis.

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