Lie To Me Season 2 Premiere

Global’s hit drama series Lie To Me makes its highly anticipated sophomore debut on Monday, September 28 – 9pm ET/PT. Inspired by Dr. Paul Ekman’s real-life research on human lie detection, the series explores the fascinating and intriguing science used to track down criminals and catch those who are lying through their teeth.

To celebrate the show’s return, Global Television and SRG conducted a comprehensive poll asking Canadians nationwide about their lying habits and truth be told, it looks like we’re all a bunch of liars!  And the survey says…

Lying vs. being lied to… the numbers just don’t add up.
8 out of 10 Canadians believed they were lied to at least once in the last week
Only 6 out of 10 admitted to having told a lie in the same time period 
INTERESTING STAT: With age comes honesty: 8 out of 10 people aged 18-34 admitted to telling a lie in the last week compared to just half of those aged 50+

What did Canadians say they are lying about…
24% – Money, salary and income
13% – How people look
11% – Hiding Ones True Feelings/Opinions
INTERESTING STAT: Really? Only 10% say they lie about their age

Canadians can lie, but are not very good at it.

Only 10% of Canadians think they could tell a lie and pass a lie detector test
INTERESTING STAT: The gender divide: Men are more likely to think they could beat it. Of all those who said they could, 72% were men and only 28% were women

It takes just one look… Canadians are honing their lie detection skills by watching Lie To Me.
64% believe they can tell someone is lying based on their facial expressions
87% think the eyes are the number one indication that some is lying
INTERESTING STAT: Lip service: 14% say the lips and mouth give away a lie, sometimes with a smile or laugh

Liar, liar…Here’s a list of who Canadians believe are most likely to tell them a lie:
44% – Co-workers
36% – Friends
31% – Kids
29% – Your Boss
Mommy dearest? Both men and women say their Mom (10%) is more likely to lie to them than their Dad (8%)
INTERESTING STAT: What a relief: Those least likely to lie to you? Doctors (4%) and teachers (3%)


Lie To Me Episode: “The Core of It”

Monday, September 28 – 9pm ET/PT

A woman with multiple personalities (Erika Christensen) could be either a witness to a murder—or the killer. Meanwhile, the government hires the Lightman Group to question a possible Supreme Court nominee.

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