Jon & Kate Plus 8: It's Getting Old

The time has finally come, Jon & Kate Plus 8 is finally beginning to get old for a die hard fan (me). I have to be honest, this season I’ve primarily watched the show for great blog content; although I did enjoy it during previous seasons. This week, I could have watched the show when it aired on Monday; in fact, I tuned in and then I changed the channel. I’m done with the sob stories; yes divorce sucks, yes it’s hard on the estranged couple, but it was their decision. Instead of focusing on the how it’s affecting the children, they’re complaining about how hard it is to do it alone. Yes, I get it, no I’m not being heartless, I’m just tired of a couple who should be grieving the loss of their marriage, doing so, so publicly and constant.

On Monday night, I tuned into the season premiere of Gossip Girl, instead of Jon & Kate Plus 8, a show I typically catch on reruns, if that. I did watch the missed episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 when it reaired last night on TLC and I could have done without. Let’s be honest here, blog content, or no blog content, I just don’t think I can do it anymore. Jon & Kate Plus 8, you might be young parents, but you’re getting old!!

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