Ellen Degeneres as the New American Idol Judge


It was announced yesterday by FOX, that the new 4th American Idol judge would be Ellen Degeneres. I’m a huge fan, and love her talk show, but I have to say I’m a little bit reluctant to be excited about her run on Idol. Sure, she’ll be funny, and as she mentioned in her own personal announcement, she will be able to represent the aspect of a fan giving a voice to all of the viewers at home. But I saw her stint on So You Think You Can Dance, and if it’s going to be like that every week, I think it will get old. On So You Think You Can Dance, she provided no actual feedback on the performances and instead tried to use the performances for material to make jokes. She was funny, she was witty; you’ve got to hand all of that to her, but that’s not why I tune into American Idol, and I would bet many other viewers feel the same way.

I’m not saying there’s no room for humor on American Idol, and I think that her presence at the judging table will provide great opportunity for banter between the judges which definitely ads an added element of interest to the show. I would just hate to see her commentary become one big stand up comedy routine. At this point, I think things could go either way. I’m rooting for her, but I’l reluctant to like this decision.

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