Does Conviction Kitchen Do It For You?

Conviction Kitchen is a new series airing for the first time tonight. It’s reality TV at its finest, and if you’ve thought Hell’s Kitchen was scary (thanks to one Chef Ramsey), you’re probably in for a big shock. On Conviction Kitchen Chef Mark Thuet will take 24 ex-convicts, most released from prison for minor crimes, but there are a few bank robbers and thieves in the mix as well, and they’ll be given the chance to re-enter society as a functioning member. Unlike other cooking reality shows, there will be no winner. Each of the convicts will participate and work towards a common goal of bringing in a profit to the restaurant within a 3 month period, otherwise the project will be shut down.

You might not have seen the show yet, but from a concept perspective, does Conviction Kitchen do it for you? Will you be tuning into the show? Or do you think this is an example of reality TV gone too far?


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Beth Hodgson is a freelance writer and editor ( based in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Writing to keep the public informed is her passion; and who doesn't love Canadian TV?
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