Sex Scandal Involving Grey's Anatomy Star Eric Dane


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good scandal of any type involving a TV star that doesn’t come from the Gosselin Clan (Jon & Kate Plus 8), but most recently, it’s a Grey’s Anatomy star making the news for a sex scandal which fortunately involved his wife. Eric Dane, who plays McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy, has clearly been adding a little bit of heat to his romance with wife of 5+ years, Rebecca Gayheart. A new sex tape is circulating the internet which involves the couple naked in bed with former Miss Teen USA (2002) Kari Ann Peniche and while there is no actual sexual activity, they do appear nude, somewhat out of sorts/under the influence, and are discussing what their porn names would be while passing the camera around between them.

What more is there to say really, other than McSteamy, you sure are living up to your alter-ego’s womanizing reputation.

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