Jon & Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin’s Parenting through Adversity

On last night’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, previously filmed footage of the couple leading their separate lives, as Kate took all of the children to Bald Head Island in North Carolina and Jon stayed home to manage their kitchen renovation. This footage was filmed prior to the couple announcing their separation and filing for divorce, and during the on-the-moment stuff shown, it’s clear that the couple is still trying to make excuses for the way they’re managing their lives. However, as the couple is interviewed about those weeks prior to their official split, it’s clear that the filming has taken place following their big revelation – particularly since the iconic interview love seat has since been replaced by one single arm chair.

Despite the fact that Kate admitted while breaking down on the Today Show this week during an interview with Meredith Viera, that she’s holding onto the past for the sake of her kids, which includes still wearing her wedding ring, she seems to really be stepping up to the plate in her parenting. Despite the heat Kate has taken in the media for her Type A personality, in the face of adversity she really is stepping up to the plate, even putting aside some of her fears of mess. In last night’s episode, the kids were allowed to paint themselves in pudding, and the mom of 8 was hands on and never even melted down about the mess! She also held a snake despite her fears, following last week’s backyard camping fiasco which she attributes to her new “will do anything” attitude. But, despite her attempts to fill the void her estranged husband has left by gallivanting around the world and spending money without a care in the world, she admits that no matter what she does, she can’t make up for the fact that Jon is not there.

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