Aunt Jodi Still Worried about Gosselin Children

The 8 Gosselin children’s Aunt Jodi was regularly filmed on the earlier seasons of Jon & Kate Plus 8 as she stepped into help out the growing family and busy parents. However, since a bit of a family estrangement Aunt Jodi Kreider has been speaking out against both Jon & Kate stating that the children’s needs aren’t being put first.

More recently since the couple announced their split, Jodi and her husband Kevin have been more verbal than ever, even appearing on the Today Show in hopes that someone will listen and make some changes that are favorable to the sextuplets and twins in the Gosselin family.

“It’s tragic, and that is why we are continuing to speak out for the children,” Jodi Kreider told Harry Smith. “They need to be looked at as the first priority. Damage has already been done.”

Jodi Kreider said filming of the children needs to be limited so the kids can have their childhoods. Kreider also called for trust funds to be established for each of the eight Gosselin children and for “ethical guidelines for filming children, because they’re filming private moments, such as bathroom time.”

What we’re seeing now is a family that’s in crisis,” Kevin Kreider told Smith. “And we fell like TLC needs to be held responsible for what they’re choosing to air.”

He blamed TLC for trying to cut him off from his sister. “They have control,” Kevin Kreider said of TLC. “They’re being surrounded by these people that have … paid positions, and they’re kind of like looking for the money rather than the welfare of the children.”

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