Why are Grey's Anatomy Plotlines Ruined Before Season 6 Airs?

Ok, so I have to say I’m a little bit annoyed – last season of Grey’s Anatomy we were left with a cliff hanger that could arguably have been the most intense season finale that the show has produced during their 5 seasons on the air. Viewers hung onto the shocking scene when it was discovered that the good samarian patient who was disfigured and yet to be identified was George O’Malley. The progression of the episode was so well done, that even thinking about it again now, it’s giving me the chills, just as it did when I watched the last 5 minutes over and over again on YouTube. So that being said I’m feeling a little irritated about how Grey’s producers have allowed this plotline to be spoiled, even before season 6 began filming.

I know; I’ve released some spoilers myself regarding what to expect for season 6 – but those are take it or leave it. You would have had to look closely in order to find some of those answers. However, what you can’t avoid is the glaring media attention regarding TR Knight’s decision to leave the hit series. As viewers were left wondering whether Izzie or George would live to see season 6, it’s pretty much been revealed since the actor playing George has been quite vocal about his decision to not return to filming with the series. Could Grey’s Anatomy producers and TR Knight not arranged for a little bit of silence until season 6 premiered and the plotline unfolded with out ruin? I mean, come on! We can avoid spoilers, but we can’t avoid the obvious, and not everyone wants to know the outcome of one of Grey’s Anatomy’s best plots before the season even airs!

It’s one thing when fans of the show can take or leave the hints that have been dropped surrounding the outcome of the cliffhanger, but another, when, unless there is a very serious twist to the plot, we have no choice. Now that you know what’s to come, I bet you won’t be as eager to tune into the season 6 premier, because neither will I!

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