The Big Picture: Stork Derby

8:00pm – Saturday, July 25 on /A

Also airs at 8 p.m. AT on /A Atlantic

Based on a true story, the Canadian TV movie The Stork Derby begins with the death of wealthy Toronto lawyer and lifelong bachelor Charles Vance Miller (Frank Fontaine, Journey to the Center of the Earth). Going through Miller’s documents, his lawyers discover that he intended to divide his fortune among the Canadian women who would deliver the most babies within a decade after his death. The contest boils down to three front runners: French-Canadian Vivanne Kennelly (Pascale Montpetit, CHOICE: THE HENRY MORTENGALER STORY), Colleen Brant (Janine Thierault, M.V.P.), and Gina Bonaggio (Ellen David, Surviving My Mother), an impoverished Italian immigrant. The contest is covered by Canada’s only female journalist Kate Harrington (Megan Follows, ROBSON ARMS), who at first regards the whole affair as demeaning to women, but ultimately becomes an ardent crusader for fair play.

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