Is Jon Gosselin Dating Kate Major?


As rumors are circulating that Jon Gosselin, father of 8 from Jon & Kate Plus 8 is engaged to 22-year old party girl Hayley Glassman, another person has come out of the woodwork to publicly announce that she has been dating the recently seperated 32-year old father.

Last week Jon Gosselin, and Star Magazine reported Kate Major were filmed together leaving a New York restaurant. Since the reality star seems to complain about the publicity, while also encouraging it on himself withan openness to the press; it could be easily assumed that he was there to collaborate on an interview with. She claims that that’s how it all started, but then mentioned that she fell for Jon and they began dating from there. As they’re being snapped dining in East Hampton, and dining with Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael – it is very possible that the two are in fact dating. One thing for sure is the father of 8 is wasting no time playing the field, and he sure seems to have a thing for younger blonds.

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