What Canadians are Watching this Summer

Want to know which shows have been the most popular so far this summer with Canadians? So You Think You Can Dance is number one overall; starting with the Wednesday night performances, and followed by the Thursday night results show. Many of the other hit summer shows that make the list are aired by CTV. CSI Miami, Merlin, and CSI New York all make the top 5.

The top Canadian shows viewed by Canadians so far this summer, are the hit new show the Listener which brought in 1.079 million viewers the week of June 15- June 21st , which took 6th place overall with Canadians and Canada’s Next Top Model at #27 with 707,000 viewers last week.

While some shows have clear popularity with Canadian viewers, the declining numbers for many shows demonstrate that many Canadians are getting outside and stepping away from the TV to enjoy the nice summer weather.

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Beth Hodgson is a freelance writer and editor (www.writesourcing.com) based in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Writing to keep the public informed is her passion; and who doesn't love Canadian TV?
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