Whale Wars Season 2 Premiere

Wednesday, June 10 at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT on Animal Planet

Research or slaughter? Activism or terrorism? There are two sides to the debate – and both are willing to die for their cause. Find out what the controversy is all about when Captain Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society return in another adrenaline-fueled season of WHALE WARS, premiering Wednesday, June 10 at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT on Animal Planet. Battling whalers, the elements and one another, the dramatic second season of WHALE WARS – which has already triggered a hotly-debated online discussion – follows the Sea Shepherds as they wage a life-and-death battle to find and stop whaling ships in the South Pacific.

For several years, Watson and his eclectic group of international staff and volunteers – labeled activists, heroes or eco-pirates – have taken a hard-line approach to eradicate whaling, poaching, shark-finning and alleged ocean-law violations. This year’s campaign garnered unprecedented international media attention, raising the stakes for these crusaders and their foes.

“WHALE WARS has sparked a passionate debate among viewers about the human impact on the animal kingdom and what individuals can and cannot do,” said Stan Lipsey, Director of Programming for Animal Planet. “This series has engaged audiences Canada-wide, bringing important environmental issues front and centre while not turning away from controversy.”

WHALE WARS follows a 10-week masterful chess match at the far end of the globe as both Sea Shepherd and the whalers engage in an environmental showdown that could cost millions of dollars – all while drawing global attention to the practice of whaling.

In addition to returning crew members Peter Brown (First Officer), Peter Hammarstedt (Second Officer), Chris Altman (Helicopter Pilot/Aviation Director), Laurens de Groot (Deckhand), Ben Potts (Helicopter Crew) and Canadian Shannon Mann (Quartermaster), the Steve Irwin is joined by Jane Taylor (Quartermaster), Luke Van Horn (Communications Officer), Andy Perry (Leading Deckhand), Molly Kendall (Deckhand) and Laura Dakin (Chief Cook). These featured crew members help comprise the 40-man international crew who spent the winter putting their lives on the line for whales.

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