MTV Movie Awards Brought Drama & Gave Kudos to Twilight

If you missed last night’s 2009 MTV Movie Awards – let me tell you what went on – Twilight won EVERYTHING. (well, 6 of the 7 categories they were nominated for), including Best Movie. With host Andy Samberg, the A-List crowd at the award show were lightly picked on during the opening speech, and ultimately, Sacha Baron Cohen’s named rear ended up in Eminem’s face, who after making his big return to the MTV stage, fled the auditorium with his pose in anger.

Of course, beyond all the antics which are characteristic of the MTV award shows, there were a few serious moments, although few and far between. Kings of Leon performed and was warmly received by the star-packed crowd, and Eminem hit the MTV stage for the first time in years, performing his latest single which had the celebrity crowd on their feet. Interesting how Eminem still relies on his characteristic celebrity bashing style in his songs, yet he can’t take it when he is the butt of the joke (in this case, quite literally).

In addition to all the laughs and drama, a few movie previews from some of the most popular series were shown – including a trailer for the next Harry Potter movie, Transformers 2, and New Moon (the Twilight sequel).

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