Jon & Kate Separ8

For viewers of Jon & Kate Plus 8, last night’s big announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise. No, Jon & Kate Gosselin are not taking a break or quitting their TLC show in order to work on their marriage; they’re calling it quits. In fact, according to a text caption that aired at the end of the episode, Jon & Kate wasted no time in beginning the legal proceedings for their divorce; filing papers on Monday, June 22nd, the same day the big announcement aired.

Jon & Kate claim that the show must go on, although naturally they will be filming their time with the kids separately. The couple, even following their legal separation, will continue to share their Pennsylvania home in a unique way. Kate will keep the home as her full-time residence, and vacate when Jon returns for his scheduled time with the kids so that the children are never displaced.

While the show may not be going off the air, it sounds like there might be a hiatus in filming. Monday’s episode is set to be a compilation of clips, including some unseen moments, and after that no new episodes will be set to air until August 4th.

Well TLC, it’s time to consider a new name for Jon & Kate Plus 8 – how about Jon & Kate Separ8?! But let’s face it, is this marriage ending also about to lead to the end of the TLC show?

Photo via: Vancouver Sun

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