Heidi & Spencer Suing NBC for Stint on I’m a Celebrity

A new episode of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here as airing as I write, but regardless of what goes on, we already know the outcome that already has everyone talking. It probably won’t come as a big surprise to you, but Heidi and Spencer are about to leave…again.

In tonight’s episode, Heidi and Spencer have just come back to the celebrity camp after spending a night in the locked room. But, they won’t be there for long. Apparently, Heidi Montag/Pratt is about to be taken to hospital, and as reported by the media, it’s due to a stomach ulcer. Of course, we’re Heidi and Spencer are involved, the drama isn’t about to stop there. While others may choose to return to the show or return home, Heidi and Spencer are blaming the show for the illness and even threatening to sue NBC. Why? Because the couple was locked in a scary room with nothing but rice and beans to eat for 24 hours.

My guess, they won’t be successful in any lawsuit, as they must have signed some kind of waver when joining the show. However, after this stunt, NBC’s probably not about to welcome them back with open arms.

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