Harper's Island Claims Beth Barrington and Katherine Wellington

It is with great sadness that we bid a final farewell to Beth Barrington and Katherine Wellington (06/11), who were the latest to meet their brutal demise on Harper’s Island.

Beth was vivacious with a bright future ahead of her.  It never crossed her mind to consider the dangers of wandering around The Candlewick Inn alone, and it proved to be the worst mistake she ever made.

Most considered Mrs. Wellington a ‘Trophy Wife’ who could not be trusted, and it came as no surprise when her dark secrets began to surface.  Sadly, in this case, being deceitful cost Katherine her life.

Two lives full of promise, two journeys cut short.

Can You Find The Killer?
Harper’s Island
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Episode: “Snap”
A big explosion destroys the marina forcing the group to retreat to safety and a secret is revealed leaving everyone horrified.

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