Win a New Home With TD and HDTV Canada

HGTV Canada’s First Timer Mondays are all about Real Estate and watching people undergo the process of buying and renovating their first homes. Watching these shows can make viewers dream big, even if home buying is not a reality in your near future. Your Real Estate future might be closer than you think, as HGTV is about to help first timers move up the property ladder with the reintroduction of the First Timer Mondays contest.

To be eligible for the HGTV contest, viewers of First Timer Mondays can sign up on HGTV’s Contest page until May 18, 2009. The contest draw will take place on or around May 20, 2009, and the winner will be randomly selected. In this TD Canada Trust partnership with HGTV, the goal is to encourage property virgins to better arm themselves with information regarding the home buying process; and the $25,000 prize from this contest is a great way to get into a new home!

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Beth Hodgson is a freelance writer and editor ( based in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Writing to keep the public informed is her passion; and who doesn't love Canadian TV?
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