Tiffany MacDonald

Tiffany - Canada's Next Top ModelAge: 23
Height: 5’8”
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Occupation: Receptionist

A new mom on maternity leave from her job as a receptionist, Tiffany believes it’s her time to pursue being a model. Giving birth to her son less than a year ago was what actually gave her the courage to try out for CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. “It just allowed me to say, ‘You know what? I can truly do anything.’” She’s ready for the challenges that doing both could entail. “It’s an opportunity to have my face out there and represent Toronto and just prove to those that have kids that you don’t just have to be a mom. You can do other things as well and follow through with your dream,” she says.

Tiffany might just have realized she could be a model but it’s something her friends and family have known for a long time. Ever since she’s been a teenager, people have been telling her she’s beautiful and should consider modeling. “I felt like these people are being really nice, it’s a compliment but I never took it seriously.”

Her love of fashion stems back to elementary school, where she used to sketch her own clothing designs after being inspired by watching FASHIONTELEVISION. Now a fan of Canadian clothing lines Franke and DSquared², Tiffany loves to express herself by wearing bright and bold colours and wouldn’t rule out designing her own shoe or handbag line some day.

“I believe I’m CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL because I want it bad enough. I deserve it. It’s my time to claim it.”

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