The Goode Family Premiere

It’s never been so hard or so funny to be so Goode! The hilariously-satirical animated series, The Goode Family, chronicles one family’s attempts to navigate daily life in today’s society – one politically correct step at a time.  The laughs begin Wednesday, May 27 on Citytv.

When it comes to living life by the rules the Goodes are more than just a little over the top!  Gerald (Mike Judge, King of the Hill), Helen (Nancy Carell, The Office), Ubuntu (Dave Herman, King of the Hill) and Bliss (Linda Cardellini, ER) – are a family obsessed with doing the “right” thing environmentally, politically and socially.  Every move is carefully checked against their self-imposed social conscience and often results in unintended comic consequences. From their hybrid car that they only use in emergencies because it’s bad for the environment, to their beloved dog Che who despite being raised vegan satisfies his meat cravings by devouring neighbourhood pets, to the lengths to which Gerald and Helen will go to relate to their children, the Goodes live life by the best of intentions.  While their choices don’t always pay off, they always leave you rooting for them.

The Goode Family was created, written and executive produced by Mike Judge (King of the Hill), David Krinsky and John Altschuler (Blades of Glory; King of the Hill).  Executive producers include Michael Rotenberg and Tom Lassally and the series is produced by MRC and 3 Arts Entertainment.

Broadcast Schedule is as follows:

Citytv Toronto   Wednesday, May 27 at 9pm ET (s/ABC)
Citytv Winnipeg  Wednesday, May 27 at 9pm CT (s/ABC)
Citytv Calgary   Wednesday, May 27 at 10pm MT (s/ABC)
Citytv Edmonton  Wednesday, May 27 at 10pm MT (s/ABC)
Citytv Vancouver Wednesday, May 27 at 9pm PT (s/ABC)

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