Rebeccah Wyse

Rebeccah - Canada's Next Top ModelAge: 19
Height: 5’9”
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Occupation: Retail Sales Associate

With a background in acting and some experience in modeling, Rebeccah hopes being on CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL will open up doors to both the stage and the runway. She’s planning on applying to Ryerson University in Toronto next fall and thinks the TV show will be a great addition to her resume – especially if she takes home the top title.

Rebeccah was encouraged to try out for CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL by her mom, who is also a big fan of the show. Their favourite episode is the one with the makeovers and Rebeccah can’t wait to be on the show and see what they’re going to do with her hair!

Even though she has experience doing photo shoots and runway shows, Rebeccah got ready for the show by posing in front of the mirror and walking around the house as much as she could in heels, which was met with lots of chuckles from her brother.

Rebeccah cites CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL Cycle 2 winner Rebecca Hardy as one of her favourite models because they’re from the same area of Ontario. “It’s so funny when you see her on runways and magazines, and you see a model, but also a person just like me who grew up like me, had friends, went to high school, needed a part time job,” says Rebeccah.

She thinks she’d be a good CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL because she’s not afraid to show her personality.

“I’m not afraid to admit that I read comic books, that I don’t like wearing makeup on a day to day basis and I’m just a normal girl who’s trying to live her life and not trying to be this giant star.”

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