Mother's Day Line-Up

On Sunday, May 10, Canwest presents the mother of all programming events. From sitcom moms to the science of birth, Canwest’s specialty channels offer Mother’s Day programming for every taste across National Geographic Channel, Food Network, HGTV and DejaView.

Highlights include:


In the Womb Marathon

The popular In the Womb series explores the literal connection between a mother and child. This Mother’s Day Marathon features a brand new special, paired with some viewer favourites.

In The Womb: Identical Twins (Canadian Premiere) [HD]

May 10 at 7 pm ET/9 pm PT

The latest in the popular In the Womb Series, In the Womb: Identical Twins follows the embryonic and fetal journey of one of nature’s most fascinating reproductive accidents – Identical Twins. This new one-hour special charts the key moments of development—from the spontaneous splitting of the single egg, through to the major milestones of twin fetal development, and ending with their dramatic birth. With state-of-the-art CGI and unprecedented access, the film presents the fascinating complexity of twinning from inside the womb.

In The Womb: Twins, Triplets and Quads (Encore Presentation) [HD]

May 10 at 8 pm ET/10 pm PT

This program takes viewers into the extraordinary world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. Follow the stories of three expectant mothers from conception to birth and travel inside the womb to see the tiny fetuses begin to interact with each other – pushing, kicking and even what looks like playing and kissing.

In The Womb (Encore Presentation)

May 10 at 10 pm ET/12 am PT

Explore the journey from conception to birth – the first beating of the heart, the tentative firing of nerve cells as the brain flickers into existence, the exploratory twitches of muscles, the birth of the senses and the opening of the eyes. New research reveals that the human fetus develops much faster than previously thought, as it learns the reflexes and responses it will need to survive on its own.


Moms, put your feet up and let your sons cook for you. Or just watch Food Network’s Mother’s Day marathons, consisting of a morning of great sons and an afternoon of great cakes.

Boys Cooking for Moms Marathon

Sunday May 10 from 9 am ET to 1 pm ET

· 9 am ET  The Main “Goat Cheese”

· 9:30 am ET  Jamie at Home “Eggs”

· 10 am ET  Guy’s Big Bite “Wake Up and Smell the Frittata”

· 10:30 am ET  Chuck’s Day Off “Family Dinner”

· 11 am ET  Tyler’s Ultimate “Ultimate Saturday Breakfast”

· 11:30 am ET  Big Daddy’s House “Keep Me In Bed”

· 12 pm ET  Licence to Grill “BBQ Brunch”

· 12:30 pm ET  Road Grill “Mother’s Day Celebration”

Last Cake Standing Marathon

Sunday, May 10 from 4 pm ET to 8 pm ET

· 4 pm  Last Cake Standing “Personal Best Cakes”

· 5 pm  Last Cake Standing “Elopement Cakes”

· 6 pm  Last Cake Standing “Extreme Superhero Cakes”

· 7 pm  Last Cake Standing “Sweet 16 Sextuplets Cakes”


Pink Marathon: HGTV is celebrating Mother’s Day by offering an afternoon of pink-themed episodes from many of the network’s favourite shows.

· 1 pm ET  Sarah’s House “Kids Bedrooms”

· 1:30 pm ET  The Style Dept. “Think Pink”

· 2 pm ET  Sarah’s House “Living Room, Front Entry”

· 2:30 pm ET  Pure Design “Lee & Stevie’s Living/Dining Room”

· 3 pm ET  Design Inc “Stephanie’s Suite”

· 3:30 pm ET  Designer Guys “Pink Goes Uptown”

· 4 pm ET  Colin & Justin’s Home Heist “40-Year-Old Grannies”


In honour of Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10, DejaView offers tender motherly moments from TV’s favourite moms. From the kind and caring Clair Huxtable to the in-your-face parental style of Roseanne, spend the day getting your share of warm and fuzzy motherly moments. Mother’s Day Marathons also run all day on Friday May 8 beginning at 11 am ET (One Day at a Time/Good Times) and Saturday May 9 beginning at 9 am ET (All in the Family).

May 10th highlights:

· 9 am ET (repeats at 6 p.m. ET)  Magnum PI “ Missing Melody”

· 10 am ET  Silver Spoons “Hi Mom”

· 10:30 am ET  Silver Spoons “The Call of the Wild”

· 11 am ET (repeats at 4 pm ET)  Who’s The Boss “Samantha’s Growing Up”

· 11:30 am ET (repeats at 4:30 pm ET)  Who’s The Boss “Prom Night II”

· 12 pm ET (repeats at 5 pm & 8 pm ET)  The Cosby Show “Clair’s Place”

· 12:30 pm ET (repeats at 5:30 pm & 8:30 pm ET)  Roseanne “Don’t Make Me Over”

· 1 pm ET  Mad About You “Bedfellows”

· 1:30 pm ET  Mad About You  “The Last Scampi”

· 2 pm ET on May 18 (repeats at 9 pm ET)  All In The Family “Mike’s Pains”

· 2:30 pm ET on May 18 (repeats at 9:30 pm ET)  All In The Family “Gloria is Nervous”

· 3 pm ET on May 18 (repeats at 7 pm ET)  Three’s Company “And Another Makes Four” 

· 3 pm ET on May 18 (repeats at 7:30 pm ET)  Three’s Company “Jack’s Other Mother”

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