Maryam Massoumi

Maryam - Canada's Next Top ModelAge: 18
Height: 5’9.5”
Hometown: North Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Student

After immigrating to Canada from Iran two years ago, Maryam feels so grateful to finally have an opportunity to pursue modeling — something she says wasn’t available to her while living in the Middle East. “I’ve been in a country where I didn’t have the freedom to think about it … there are models but they wear scarves,” says Maryam. “I want to represent all the exotic beauty of women that (are) in the Middle Eastern countries that nobody sees.”

Maryam, who admires models like Coco Rocha and Heidi Klum for their strong character, believes people are born with the potential to be a model and feels like she’s had something inside of her since she’s been a little girl. Even though she’s had some previous experience doing photo shoots with local photographers, she hopes being on CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL will be the best way to foster that.

Also interested in dentistry, Maryam is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science at Simon Fraser University. But she’d be willing to put that on hold to become CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL and believes she has everything that it takes.

“I have the face to be high fashion because I’m very strong and I practiced for this and worked really hard,” says Maryam.

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  • parmiss

    I’m parmiss and i’m 19 and i’m a friend of her from high school .
    I just wanted to say that plus her beauty and power in fashion , Maryam has a great personality ! I believe that she’s the Canada’s next top model .

  • Denny

    She is gorgeous and my favorite girl to win for CNTM Cycle 3. I hope she gets to go to the final runway. I don’t want to see her go just because she doesn’t has a passport.

  • Anonymous

    i like the 3rd picture down.. it makes her look like nelly furtado who is a gerogeous girl

  • Anonymous

    Maryam has the most intense, exotic look of any of the girls on the show. Although she is off the show (Boo) , we are going to see a lot of her in the future! Go Maryam!

  • Anonymous

    ugh. i cannot believe she got voted off. she was by far the best model there (in my opinion, obv.) i was rooting for her to win it. hopefully we do see her in the future, because she definitely has the potential to be a top model!