Linsay Willier

Linsay - Canada's Next Top ModelAge: 22
Height: 5’9”
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Occupation: Student

Linsay has almost completed her degree in Child and Youth Care but is ready to make a go at being a TOP MODEL. Whichever career path she chooses, she wants to make a difference. Raised on the Sucker Creek First Nation near Edmonton, Linsay hopes she can inspire other young girls who have had a similar upbringing. “Just for girls who grew up on small reserves, (to let them know) there’s a world out there that they conquer.”

Being chosen as a finalist for CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL has already been a life changing experience for Linsay – coming to Toronto was her first time ever on a plane!

Even though she always dreamed of being a model, it wasn’t until walking the runway at Edmonton Fashion Week last year did she believe it could become a reality. “Growing up on a small reserve things like that just seem so far away … when I moved to Edmonton and did my first runway show I was like, ‘I’m a model.’ I believe it.”

As well as modeling, Linsay has enjoyed playing sports since she was very young – she has set records in track and field and was the captain of her high school hockey team. Linsay realizes how diverse her interests are. “I’m a child and youth care worker that plays hockey and models – three worlds that generally don’t go together,” she says with a laugh.

And what does this self-proclaimed “Versace girl” think is going to set her apart in the competition?

“I think I’m CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL because I can do this job well and I think I’m wicked at it. And I think there (are) a lot of things I’d like to do with this opportunity.”

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