Jon & Kate Plus 8 Say “Bye” To Their Marriage and Their TLC Show?


Last night’s season premier of Jon & Kate Plus 8, was anything but what viewers have come to expect of the quirky show which has typically been entertaining because of the cute, playful banter that takes place between the couple. In season 4’s finale, Jon voiced that he wasn’t sure he was in for another season of the show due to the stress and scrutiny caused by living in the public eye. After rumors of cheating on both sides, and Jon’s newly developed tendency to hit the nightlife with college aged women; surprise, surprise, their rumored $60,000 to $75,000 paychecks brought them back for a 5th season.

The show started with the sextuplets 5th birthday on May 10th, 2009; which Kate was left to organize and plan on her own while Jon was noticeably absent from their home. She explains her husband’s absence stating that “Jon decided he needs a weekend off” but neglected to mention the fact that their children’s’ fifth birthday coincided with the rumors of Jon’s cheating with a local 23- year old teacher. Cut to their interview room testimonials, which were rumored to have been filmed at the last minute, to catch the latest drama for the premier; and you could cut the tension with a knife. As we predicted, Jon and Kate who typically sit down together and playfully banter back and forth about their experiences with their 8 kids sat down separately to talk about the state of their marriage.

Typically at the end of an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, I’m left feeling light-hearted, with new insight into the world of parenthood. However, after watching last night’s episode, all I felt was sad for the kids; especially when one of the children came up to Jon at the birthday party and said “I miss you daddy…never leave us again.” Sure, filming the TLC show has opened many doors for the family and provided opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise had available to them. The kids will certainly have their future educations paid for, they finally have a home that’s better suited in size for the large family, and they’ve been able to travel and get a typical childhood experience, not inhibited because of their large family size. But, is it all really worth it at the sacrifice of a family where mom and dad can no longer live as a family under the same roof? Or where the family’s every move is under scrutiny?

I’m still not entirely convinced that last night’s episode wasn’t a publicity stunt, but quite frankly, I don’t believe that either Jon or Kate are that good actors – a real problem definitely exists in their marriage. But, as the once light-hearted family show transforms itself to a drama-filled documentary, where the humor and characteristic banter of the once playful couple is noticeably absent…will their audience and the popular TV network keep them onboard? Or can we expect to say “Bye!” not only to Jon & Kate’s marriage, but also to Jon & Kate Plus 8 the show?

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