Jill Pukesh

Jill - Canada's Next Top ModelAge: 19
Height: 5’8”
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Student

Jill has dreamed of living the glamorous life of a model, jet-setting around the world and wearing expensive clothes, since she’s been a little girl. At 5’8” she always thought she wasn’t tall enough, but when her hairdresser suggested she try out for CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, she thought she’d give it a go. Besides, her favourite supermodel Kate Moss is actually shorter than her at 5’7.” But Jill didn’t think she’d actually make it on the show. “It was a shock. I screamed for about five minutes,” she says.

Currently studying Women’s Studies at Langara College in Vancouver, Jill has always been interested in the world of fashion. She remembers standing in front of the Barbie section at Toys ‘R Us where she was working during high school, looking at their outfits and taking notes. She believes fashion is her personal statement – whether that be “black tights and a baggy T-shirt” one day or “five inch heels and a hot little dress” on another.

Jill thinks her approachable personality will help her become CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. Having done some previous hair modeling, she can’t wait to absorb everything she can about the rest of the industry.

“I’m here to learn so I’m hoping with time Jay (Manuel) will give me some tips and we’ll really rock ‘n roll on this show.”

Week 1

Week 2

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