How can you quit so soon?

It does seem like a while ago that Jay found a Top Model.  Thousands of young women turned out with the hopes to become Canada’s Next Top Model.  Twenty contestants are greeted by Jay who has arrived via helicopter on what looks to be a rather cool Toronto day.

Jay tells the twenty girls that half of them are going home right now.  They’re each standing on a number which as Jay reads out, he wants them to come over and stand next to him.  The girls who have been left behind are getting anxious.  9 girls are called over and Jay tells them they’re done.  But there’s a twist.  Those 9 girls are already models and the 11 girls remaining are excited once they realise that one of them will be Canada’s Next Top Model.

What a vicious start to this season on CTV! After thinking they were out, they’re in.

Nole Marin greets the girls who introduces them to their first task.  Modelling with some interesting animals.  A dog, a vulture, a bobcat, snakes and a hawk.  Charming.  It’s an eighties theme in a room that looks like the animals tore it apart.

The girls are incredibly excited to be working with Nigel Barker for their first photoshoot.

Jill is first up with a snake and she’s a little nervous.  Maryam takes the vulture but Nigel thought she took it too far.  Meaghan was adorable but let her braces prevent her from moving her mouth.

Nikita didn’t like the snake.  Neither did Tara.  Does anyone like snakes anyway?

Tiffany disappointed Nigel with little energy but impressed him with her ability to take direction.  Heather did an extraordinary job with the bobcat.  Alexandra is worried about being bitten by the dog.  I can understand why.

Rebecca needed to be a little more versatile with the vulture.  Lindsay though, stood composed while the hawk latched on with its talons.

Ebonie needed more expression with the bobcat who was the real star of her photoshoot.

After the photoshoot, Alexandra drops a bombshell.  After less than 15 minutes of the show going to air, she’s pulling out.  What?  The girlscan’t believe it as they only just got there.

Heather wins the first shoot and the chance to take two other models up to the snowy north for another shoot with Nigel.  Heather takes Jill and Nikita.  Gotta love jumping in a helicopter and being whisked away so quickly.

While Heather, Jill and Nikita fly north the other girls arrive at their new home.  The lavish Next Model mansion complete with their own runway.  It’s got a load of photos of Rebecca Hardy, season two winner, on the walls which should be plenty of inspiration for them.

The girls are a little perplexed to discover only 8 beds and wonder how that is going to work with 10 girls.  They wonder if there is a secret room which, according to the “sealed off” sign, would suggest there is.

112km off the coast of Prince Edward Island, Nigel introduces Heather, Jill and Nikita to the white coat seal pups.  They’re amazed at how cool the whole experience is.

Back in Toronto, the other girls get their first Jay mail which suggests they should be practicing as well while the others are getting additional experience.

After visiting the seal pups, Nigel takes them to have a fashion shoot out on the ice.  They send a video message back to the girls back at the mansion.  When they get it, they’re a little jealous.  There’s one more surprise.  Nigel has the keys to the sealed off room.

When they get back, they check out their sealed off room which has more gifts and their own bathroom. Talk about a way to generate jealousy.  Spectacular!

The first judging session introduces the prize for this year’s winner.  A modeling contract, an 8 page editorial spread in Fashion magazine, a $100,000 contract with the company that makes Olay and Covergirl.

Jay wants the girls to really value the opportunity they have and doesn’t want to see any more girls walk.  I mean, seriously.  If you auditioned for the show and was the twelvth girl, how mad would you be that you missed out uneccesarily.

The judging panel consists of photographer Mike Ruiz, International model Yasmine Warsame, fashion editor and journalist Jeanne Beker as well as guest judge, Nigel Barker.

At the verdict, the photo of the week goes to Maryam.  They love how dynamic the photo is.

Maryam Massoumi - Canada's Next Top Model

When Jay calls Heather, she trips.

Heather Delaney - Canada's Next Top Model

Tara is next to get her photo.

Tara Gold Scott - Canada's Next Top Model


Meaghan DeWarrenng - Canada's Next Top Model


Rebeccah Wyse - Canada's Next Top Model


Nikita Kiceluk - Canada's Next Top Model


Ebonie Finley - Canada's Next Top Model

and Lindsay

Linsay Willier - Canada's Next Top Model

Jill and Tiffany find themselves in the bottom two.

Jill Pukesh - Canada's Next Top Model

When it comes to the crunch, the last photo goes to Jill.

And with that, the first round of farewells begins.  Of course, Tiffany is upset to have been the first to be cut.

Tiffany MacDonald - Canada's Next Top Model

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