Hip 2B Holy

While other religious groups in Canada are seeing a decline in membership, emerging evangelical groups are experiencing double-digit growth. Is the religious resurgence due to a return to Christian values or a clever recruitment strategy? The new Global original documentary Revealed: Hip 2B Holy, airing May 25 at 10 pm ET/PT, examines the evangelical rising. Narrated by Global National anchor Kevin Newman, who also co-wrote and co-produced the film, Hip 2B Holy offers unprecedented access as it goes deep inside Canada’s evangelical underground and reveals their growing influence, supporters, and political aspirations.

“The growth and power of the evangelical movement is a fascinating part of Canada’s current fabric,” said Kevin Newman, Global National Anchor and Executive Editor. “But the mutual mistrust between journalists and followers has prevented a judgement-free examination. With our current Prime Minister among those who believe in this new version of church, we need to examine the evangelic movement for what it is, not what secular Canada assumes it is. Hip 2B Holy is the first documentary to take viewers inside a young and vibrant Christian revival movement so Canadians can make up their own minds about it.”

Believed to be between 10-15 per cent of Canada’s population, the ever-growing evangelical movement aims to raise that number through concerted efforts in youth markets. The film introduces viewers to the Connexus Community Church, a church in Barrie, Ontario that employs modern technology like the internet and Video on Demand to reach its congregation, and The Alpha Course, a 10-week after-work primer on conservative Christianity that has attracted over 10 million participants across the globe. Backed by Canadian billionaire Jim Pattison, The Alpha Course hosts groups of young professionals in pubs and churches across Canada for a crash course in the Bible.

Hip 2B Holy also follows the stories of young people associated with the evangelical movement, including Nate, a youth pastor who uses music and dance to spread the gospel, and Aaron, an atheist whose devout girlfriend hopes he will embrace her faith. Shot over one full year, the film traces the spiritual journeys of these young people and offers never-before-seen access into evangelical churches and meeting groups to examine what has created the exponential growth of the religious movement that is quietly sweeping the country.

*Revealed: Hip 2B Holy will air on Global on Monday, May 25 at 10 pm Eastern and Pacific Time, 9 pm Central Time, and 8 pm in Alberta and the Maritimes

**Global National airs 5:30 pm local time in Ontario, BC, Quebec, Winnipeg, Regina/Saskatoon, Calgary/Edmonton/Lethbridge and 6:30 pm local time in the Maritimes.


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