Ebonie Finley

Ebonie - Canada's Next Top ModelAge: 21
Height: 5’9”
Hometown: Repentigny, QC
Occupation: Receptionist

Ebonie got her start in modeling when she was nine years old after entering a Hawaiian Tropic contest. She didn’t win but says the experience instilled a love of the business in her. “The thrill that I had when I got on that stage, with my family cheering for me and everyone looking, from that day on I said I want to be a model and I have never ever stopped.”

Born in Canada, Ebonie spent the first few years of her life in her mom’s home country of The Bahamas and then moved to Montreal when she was about five years old. Blessed with a naturally thin body, Ebonie recalls working at a couple of different fitness centres as a teenager and being asked by her employers to tell the customers she looked that way because she was training there!

As a freelance model, Ebonie has worked with a few local Montreal designers and has been in various fashion shows but thinks CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL could take her career to the next level. “It really is a huge deal. I really couldn’t wish for anything better.”

Taking a year off from school, where she was studying Communications, to expand her modeling portfolio, Ebonie is excited about what opportunities could lie ahead.

“I think I’m CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL because I fiercely want it. Like in my soul, in my blood, I want this job more than anything in the world and I’ve been working for it my whole entire life.”

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