Which Shows Did Canadians Love Last Week?

Wondering which shows Canadians are watching every week on Canada’s top television networks? Curious if your favorite shows are everyone else’s too? Last week BBM answered these questions and more, with their count of the number of televisions around Canada that tuned into American and Canadian TV shows alike, every minute, during airtime.

Surprisingly, Grey’s Anatomy took #1 for the week, beating out both days of American Idol with 2,375 Canadians tuning into CTV’s hit show (naturally, all awaiting Derek and Meredith to bring some closure to their relationship). Not surprisingly, Thursday’s results episode of American Idol, beat the performance series on Wednesday night by a small margin at 2,185 versus 2,105.

Other popular shows that make an appearance in Canada’s top 10 viewed last week are:

4. CSI New York
5. Amazing Race 14
6. ER (the series finale episode)
7. CSI Miami
8. The Mentalist
9. House
10. NCIS

No Canadian shows appeared in last week’s top 10, but a few did make the cut in the top 30 viewed, including:

13. CTV Evening News
14. Corner Gas
20. Juno Awards
21. Rick Mercer Report

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