Season 2 Winner

Designer Sunny Fong was announced as the winning designer on Project Runway Canada last night…

Inspired by Alexander the Great, Sunny’s collection delivered stunning versatility that stayed true to his unique point of view. With fashion forward fabric pairings plus beautiful tailoring and fit, Iman said that he proved he was ‘Sunny the Great’. For the judges his collection was in a word, perfect – he was, and will be an unstoppable force in the fashion world.

About Sunny

After four years in film school, Sunny Fong decided that filmmaking just wasn’t his thing and turned to the fast-paced world of fashion. Having taught himself to sew in high school, Sunny always designed on the side, making costumes for the films he created and outfits for his friends. In 2004 he launched VAWK, a high-end women’s wear line. After a number of successful shows at Toronto Fashion Week, the line was put on hold due to a lack of capitol needed to run the company. In the meantime, Sunny works as a graphic designer and continues to create fashion for a select clientele.

The Project Runway Canada finale will encore on SLICETM this Saturday at 9pm and Monday at 10pm ET/PT

Designers Jason Meyers and Jessica Biffi were sent home on Project Runway Canada last night…

Based on L.A. cocktail attire, Jason’s collection strived to represent high-end nightlife with small touches of drama. To the judges, Jason’s collection lacked in diversity and represented previous ideas. Iman stressed the importance of fashion having no limits and recognizing when to push beyond your own boundaries.

About Jason

Starting his professional career as a financial advisor, Jason Meyers took the jump from finance to fashion by enrolling at the International Academy of Design. The leap of faith has paid off. Upon graduation in 2004, Jason worked with a roster of private clients then branched out to launch his eponymous high-end women’s wear line. He says he loves pushing design boundaries with colour, fit and small details. Jason’s designs are sold in specialty boutiques in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Jessica’s collection paired Hollywood glamour with the swagger of hip-hop. Using 1930’s inspired fabrics such as silks and wools and matching them with current trends involving leather and chain Jessica’s collection showed a large amount of original ideas. As with Jason, the judges agreed that she needed to clarify her ideas better. At times her collection appeared to take on two different parallel points of view.

About Jessica

Jessica began her career as a visual merchandiser for a women’s plus-size retail store in Toronto after graduating from the Ryerson University School of Fashion in 2006. Determined to bring a fresh perspective to the fashion world, Jessica says she designs for women who like to experiment with different looks and still look put together. Jessica believes that everyone should have a catch phrase; hers is, “You betta recognize!” and on Project Runway Canada, she knows everyone will do just that.

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