April 2009

Fans of MTV’s series the Hills know that star Lauren Conrad has said that this season will be her last. After appearing on reality television since her high school days when she co-starred on another MTV series Laguna Beach, the reality TV star feels now is the time to shift her focus to her fashion career and take herself out of the constant spotlight. While MTV has yet to officially confirm whether the Hills will continue filming after Conrad’s departure from the series, there has been a great deal of speculation regarding who will replace her.

Further fueling these rumors this weekend at Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s church wedding was guest Kristin Cavallari. Formerly one of the highly spotlighted cast members of Laguna Beach, who filmed the series alongside Lauren Conrad, the former star has fallen off the radar. There have been rumors brewing for a while that Cavallari would make a guest appearance on the Hills, but after catching the wedding bouquet this weekend at the Speidi wedding (of course in front of the hills cameras) perhaps this is an indication of things to come.

While Cavallari does have connections to Lauren Conrad, and another Hills cast member, Lo Bosworth, outside of reality TV, the aspiring starlet should have no association with the other cast members of the hit MTV series. So, if we can’t expect to see more of her on the Hills, why was she at the wedding?

Will Kristen Cavallari replace Lauren Conrad on the Hills? And if not, who will it be?

Monday, April 27 – 10pm ET/PT

Sam’s English Lit teacher becomes a mentor who helps her re-examine her childhood and shake up her new relationship with Rich. Meanwhile, Noah’s documentary about the fast pace of life puts stress on his relationship with Robyn, and Kat reveals the promise she had to make to her parents in order to return to Charles U.

Monday, April 27 10 p.m.

When a reality star is murdered, the CSIs delve into the scandalous, sexy world of a TV dating show.

Monday, April 27 – 10pm ET/ 9pm PT

Nathan tries to prevent Sylar from meeting the President. Sylar has his own agenda regarding his partner. Hiro finds there are consequences that come with the return of his powers.

Monday, April 27, 2009 10 p.m.

Also airs at 11 p.m. AT on ‘A’ Atlantic and 8 p.m. MT on ACCESS

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) investigate the murder of a woman found drowned in a bathtub of motor oil at a transient hotel. But when they uncover a dark secret about the woman’s past, they must unravel a 20-year-old mystery with the help of a true crime journalist who may have been stalking the victim. Meanwhile, Beckett puts her poker face to the test as she squares off against Castle, with her money and pride at stake.

Monday, April 27 – 9:30pm ET/PT

Frustrated when her colleagues fawn over a newly pregnant co-worker, Audrey pretends she is pregnant in hopes of getting special treatment too.

Kaleidoscope Entertainment, producers of the hit celebrity makeover series LOOK-A-LIKE, is casting celebrity doubles for another installment of the program airing on Star! – Canada’s Entertainment Channel.  LOOK-A-LIKE welcomes potential candidates to strut their stuff in front of the style team as their favourite actor, rock star or TV personality for a chance to be featured in the sixth season of LOOK-A-LIKE.

Auditions for celebrity look-a-likes are open Saturday, May 2 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. or on Sunday, May 3 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Pari Nadimi Gallery (254 Niagara St., south of Queen, west of Bathurst) in downtown Toronto. Candidates should come dressed to impress and are encouraged to bring props to help with their celebrity audition. For more information, visit the LOOK-A-LIKE website at www.lookaliketv.com.

Who do you think you look like? LOOK-A-LIKE is casting celebrity wannabes such as Amy Adams, Zac Efron, P Diddy, Debra Messing, Eva Mendes, Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest, Kate Winslet, Paula Abdul, Charlie Sheen, Ellen Pompeo,  Katie Couric, Lisa Rinna, Marg Helgenberger, Jon Hamm, Mary-Louise Parker, Marie Osmond, Tina Fey, Michelle & Barack Obama, Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Jonas Brothers, Rosario Dawson, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, Queen Latifah, Sandra Oh, Fergie, Nathalie Portman, Patrick Dempsey, George Clooney, Terri Hatcher, and Orlando Bloom to name a few.

Having recently appeared on THE RACHEL RAY SHOW, the LOOK-A-LIKE style team includes renowned make-up artist Paul Venoit, celebrity hair stylist Jeffrey Altenburg, and fashion stylist to the stars, Alissia Marciano. The team transforms ordinary people from drab to fab in one short day. Following the glamorous makeover, the celebrity doubles are treated to their very own VIP photo shoot with famed photographer Richard Sibbald who will be rejoining the cast of LOOK-A-LIKE.

Catch all your favourite episodes of LOOK-A-LIKE airing Sundays at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT on Star!. For more Star! programming information, visit www.star-tv.com.

Monday, April 27 – 9pm ET/PT

Bobby takes exception to PJ’s competitive nature during the annual gaming decathlon. Meanwhile, Stephanie uses the guys to research a new article she is writing.

Monday, April 27 – 9pm ET/ 10pm PT

The nation remains vulnerable as Starkwood mastermind Jonas Hodges remains at the epicentre of the mounting terrorist threat. Meanwhile, the FBI and the administration scramble to provide security and justice, and Jack Bauer questions a key suspect.

Monday, April 27 9 p.m.

Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor) sets Alan (Jon Cryer) up on a blind date with her new friend Rose (guest star Melanie Lynskey, THE L WORD).