Fill Up At "Corner Gas" One Last Time

Corner GasBrent Butt does not have to go far for laughs. He just has to announce his name. But for six television seasons the stand-up comedian who masterminded the hit show for CTV, Corner Gas, proved that he is a multi-dimensional creative personality who has joined the ranks of Red Green, Bob and Doug MacKenzie and Johnnie Wayner and Frank Shuster as hilarious icons of Canadian origin. Now Butt and his great cast will wave goodbye to the grain elevators and wheat combines and join these great Canadian comedians in rerun-heaven

In essence Corner Gas is a “show about nothing” in a tiny one-gas-station town on the broad, flat Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Dog River has a cafe, a gas station, a ploice station and a few other amenities “down the road.” Brent Butt stars as Brent Leroy whose wit is shapened by the cirmcumstances of taking over his father’s convenient store/gas station instead of going on to “big city.” In addition the show stars veteran Canadian comedian, Eric Peterson, as well as Janet Wright, Gabrielle Miller, Fred Ewanuick, Lorne Cardinal, Tara Spencer-Nairn and Nancy Robertson.

As the owner of the cafe Miller plays Butt’s nemesis in the jibe department and, with a little effort on his part, could be his love interest. Ewanuick, also unmarried, is is Barnet Rubble-type sidekick. Peterson and Wright could almost double as George Costanza’s parents in Seinfeld and give Butt no end of grief.

The police are always around in the form of Canadian First-Nations actor Lorne Cardinal and Tara Spencer-Nairn who spoof the Royal Canadina Mounted Poilce in the mostly unlikely police pairing since Andy Griffith and Barney Fife. And Butt’s real-life wife, Nancy Robertson, plays his thorn-in-the-side employee at the business, Wanda Dollard.

Brent Butt is following the path of other sucessful shows such as The Red Green Show and Seinfeld and leaving while both the networks and the 1,000,000 Canadian fans still want more. The show also airs in many other countries. He did say that no one was leaving Dog River. The show will just stop at the end of a normal episode.

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