bpm:tv FREE in April

Canada’s Dance Channel, bpm:tv, Is Free in April!


Toronto – April 3, 2009 For television viewers who do not currently subscribe to bpm:tv, Canada’s First and Only Dance Channel, April gives them an   opportunity to see the programming they’ve been missing.  The network will be free for all viewers, including non-subscribers, on every cable or satellite system that currently carries the channel. 


Head of Programming Rosemary Fusca is confident that the free preview will create many new fans for the network, “bpm:tv’s programming is entirely unique.  We broadcast dance music videos that are literally never seen anywhere else, along with documentaries and interviews on different dance genres, performers and events that don’t get a lot of recognition on other formats.  I’m positive that people will want to continue watching the channel, after the preview.  We’re so happy that our broadcast partners were receptive to presenting this campaign.  Many thanks to all the Canadian television providers and our promotional partner, Sony of Canada.


In addition to the free preview, bpm:tv viewers have an opportunity to win a Sony BRAVIA 40” HD TV and Home Theatre System.  The free viewing campaign, combined with a Sony contest, was previously employed by bpm:tv in summer 2008; the results were extremely positive, with numbers for new subscribers surpassing expectations.


The multi-platform initiative also includes visits to cable and satellite customer call centers, where bpm:tv marketers will educate customer service representatives on the channel’s programming.  The staffs at each call centre will also have a chance to win Sony MP3 Walkmans.  The enthusiasm over the prizing keeps bpm:tv “top of mind” at the call centres, as well as viewers’ homes.


Ana Liang, Marketing Manager at Bell TV says, “Bell TV wants to give our customers a chance to sample channels that aren’t available in many standard packages.  Our loyal client base receives a bonus channel on their service, which reflects positively on perceived customer service.  Plus, many people will enjoy what they’re watching and subscribe to an additional channel.  We’re happy that bpm:tv launched this promotion on Bell TV.”


With great support from all the various stakeholders, bpm:tv hopes to attract large contingents of new subscribers this month.   The contest and the free preview end on April 30th.  For information on bpm:tv and to enter the contest,

visit www.bpmtv.com.


For more information, contact:

David Vowell, Vice President of Marketing, (416) 756-5507, dvowell@stornoway.com

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