March 2009

From Thursday, March 26 live Every Weekday Morning at 5:30 a.m.

Seven-member morning crew revealed –

CP24 extends reach of brand with the launch of CP24 Radio 1050 on the AM dial

Toronto, ON (March 25, 2009) – CP24 – Toronto’s source for breaking news – announced today that it will launch an all-new, local morning news show tomorrow, Thursday, March 26. Airing live every weekday morning at 5:30 a.m. – before any other local newscast in the city – CP24 BREAKFAST delivers breaking news, weather and traffic information, while keeping the channel’s popular enhanced screen intact. In this refreshing, new, 3.5 hour program, co-hosts Matte Babel, Melissa Grelo and lead anchor Ann Rohmer join a seven-member team delivering the local news Torontonians need to kick-start their day.

In addition to Babel, Grelo and Rohmer, who delivers news throughout the morning show, the CP24 BREAKFAST morning crew also features: Nalini Sharma, who keeps viewers informed with weather updates; traffic and safety specialist Cam Woolley, who reports from the road and various events across the GTA; transit specialist Mika Midolo, who delivers breaking news from the TTC and GO Transit; and the newest member of the CP24 team – Steve Anthony – who acts as the face and voice of the channel’s helicopter “Chopper 24”, providing commuter updates from high above the city.

CTV also announced today that CP24 will further extend its well-established brand within the GTA with the launch of CP24 Radio 1050, going live tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. CP24 Radio 1050 will broaden the reach of CP24’s local news coverage even further by offering 24-hour news content on a whole new platform. Following the mantra “we’re always with you,” viewers can watch CP24 on television, listen on the radio, and follow along online at – no matter where they may be, at home, at work, or in the car.

“CP24 BREAKFAST is an investment in local news in the GTA,” said Bob McLaughlin, Vice-President and General Manager of CP24. “This exciting new program, coupled with CP24 RADIO 1050, enables us to deliver an unprecedented level of service to our viewers and listeners unlike anywhere else in the city.”

This past November, CP24 launched a new on-air look complete with a brand new, state-of-the-art newsroom. New technology launched in November included eight, robotic, in-studio cameras as well as high-tech video display walls that serve to brand the channel’s various programs. Banks of computers running CP24’s advanced weather and traffic systems are prominently featured throughout the set.

With a daily average audience reach of more than one million viewers, CP24 remains Toronto’s destination for breaking news, delivering top-rate coverage on issues that are relevant to Torontonians.* In August, when a massive propane explosion shut down parts of the city, CP24 delivered the largest audience reach in the station’s history with two million viewers tuning in at least once during that day.* CP24’s new website,, has also proved to be the go-to online source for breaking news in Toronto, attracting almost 600,000 unique visitors who are viewing 5.5 million pages per month.**







Jon Dore’s Antics and Demetri’s Important Things Spike Ratings Wednesday Nights on The Comedy Network
THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW achieves record ratings in second season

Toronto, Ontario (March 25, 2009) — The Comedy Network is cleaning up on Wednesday nights with a hilarious programming line-up that is pulling in top ratings with younger audiences. Over the past month, more viewers Aged 18-34 tuned to The Comedy Network on Wednesday nights from 9-11 p.m. than any other Canadian or U.S. specialty channel, achieving an average audience of 85,700.* Gemini Award nominee and original Comedy Network Production, THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW is attracting record audiences in its second season, up 272% among A18-34 compared to Season 1**.

Wednesday’s ratings juggernaut is fuelled by animated fan faves THE SIMPSONS and SOUTH PARK at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and9:30 p.m. ET/PT, followed by home-grown hit THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW at 10 p.m. ET/PT and the break-out hit IMPORTANT THINGS WITH DEMETRI MARTIN at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

In addition to attracting younger audiences, THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW is also seeing wide appeal. On March 11, “Jon Needs Cash Quick” attracted 132,000 total viewers in its first airing*.

“The Comedy Network is kicking ass on Wednesday nights, thanks to THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW, established animated favourites and critical darling Demitri Martin,” said Michelle Daly, Director of Content, The Comedy Network. “The ratings prove that The Comedy Network continues to be Canada’s go-to channel for all things funny.”

“Jon and the production team have hit a great stride this season and it shows in the ratings,” said John Brunton, Executive Producer, THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW.  “The word is definitely getting around that Jon is one of the funniest guys in Canada.”

In tonight’s all-new episode of THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW, “Jon Gets Haunted”, Jon consults a ghost researcher and a psychic reader to find out if his apartment really is haunted. He ultimately decides to make peace with the entity and even tries to get it on. In next week’s episode “Jon Wants Justice”, Jon discovers his bleach-stained clothes in the laundry room of his building, and he wants justice; extreme justice! Fueled by revenge, Jon plays detective, and determines that his prime suspect is “The Man in White”.

Also tonight, stand-up comedian, actor, and Emmy®-losing writer Demetri Martin brings his unique brand of observational and surreal humour to The Comedy Network when he explores “coolness” in an all-new episode of the break out hit IMPORTANT THINGS WITH DEMETRI MARTIN.

Yesterday one of the top public broadcasters in the world, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, announced that 800 workers from technicians to writers will lose their jobs. Not only is the Federal government cutting its grants to the vaunted broadcaster but CBC already has the other end of the string lit with dropping advertising revenues. But why do we need public broadcasting or, like the CBC, similar hybrid programmers?

For centuries the arts were supported by the good graces of royalty, the church or other wealthy benefactors. Shakespeare and Mozart were lavish spenders and so lived from project to project and produced some of the greatest works of their genre. This whole system changed in the 20th Century when governments became involved in media systems because they realized it was a matter of national unity.

When radio technology first came to the airwaves Canada was one of the world’s first countries to achieve reception in almost every corner of the country. As far back as the 1930’s people in the Arctic could listen to the Montreal Canadiens play the Toronto Maple Leafs and, as well, the famed Bluenose schooner defeat yet another sailing competitor to become the mainstay figure on the Canadian dime. Farming communities were kept up-to-date with both weather and prices for their produce and livestock. As well, when World War II erupted the call for volunteers was announced over the radio. But that was an era as far away from today’s technology and culture as King Arthur’s jousting competitions.

To meet its 2009 budget the CBC is not only laying off staff but selling off assets, in fact almost $125 million worth, and this is at fire-sale prices. The Canadian Heritage Minister, James Moore, added another bombshell stating that if ad revenues did not rebound to previous levels the CBC would have to ask for heavy loans and this debt would further cripple its programming.

What is at stake here are the brilliant new productions like Being Erica, The Rick Mercer Report and Little Mosque on the Prairie, shows that have garnered international audiences. Sports programs will also be cut but most of these seem to be doing well. In fact Hockey Night in Canada is one of the biggest earners for “Mother Corp,” as the CBC is called.

As much as the bottom line has to be met the Federal government has to take a hard look at the Canadian content produced during the past seventy-five years and weigh its value against a “dump and run” approach. If not this pipeline of talent will surely go dry. Because, I’m sure Gordon Lightfoot, Bare Naked Ladies and Anne Murray might not have had the jump start into the world market without being featured on Canadian programming on the CBC.

Earth Day 2009 is Wednesday, April 22nd, and digital television network ichannel is airing a ubiquitous offering of environmental themes throughout that entire week of programming.


The special Earth Week schedule begins on Monday, April 20th, with an @issue titled “Preservation of the Ozone” at 8:00pm and 11:00pm ET and PT.  Immediately following is a documentary on how over seven million inhabitants of the Pacific Islands are dealing with elevated water temperatures, violent storms and rising sea levels, as a result of climate change in “Rising Waters” on idocs.


On Tuesday, April 21st, @issue’s topic is the fishing industry and its affect on oceanic populations in “Have Our Fisheries Dried Up”.  A similarly themed idoc follows called “Farming the Seas”, a sequel to the award-winning PBS special “Empty Oceans, Empty Nets”.


On Earth Day, @issue spotlights three companies that are making environmental responsibility a priority that could actually prove profitable, “Agents of Environmental Change”.  The idoc at 9:00pm, “The Disappearing of Tuvalu: Trouble In Paradise”, concentrates on the tiny South Pacific country of Tuvalu.  Inhabitants there are likely to have to evacuate within the next 50 years, because of rising seas and increasingly violent climate changes.  


Thursday’s prime time lineup begins with Green Matters, a forum for practical application techniques, products and practices that average people can employ to improve the environment.  Next, a spotlight on the ecological crusaders belonging to “Canada’s Clean Air Crew” airs on @issue.  Then, a National Geographic special Australia’s Great Barrier Reef offers breathtaking underwater cinematography and fascinating narration about various indigenous oceanic species.


@issue on Friday, “Champions of Conservation”, profiles companies that are conscientiously conserving resources and employing renewable energy sources.  At 9:00pm and 10:00pm, a six part BBC series launches.  Hot Rocks – Journey to the Centre of the Earth deals with the impact that Mother Nature and geological phenomena have had on the habitats of past civilizations.


The eight part series Precious Earth launches on Saturday, April 25th, completing the week of programming focusing on the themes of our air, water, land and world.


ichannel – Intelligent Television – is available by subscription through local cable and satellite television providers across Canada.


For more information, contact: 

Rosemary Fusca, Head of Programming, (416) 756-5523,

Thursday, Apr. 30 at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT on Bravo

Ron Mann’s inventive documentary profiles Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, the instrumental animator of the hot rod movement. Roth’s most famous character, Rat Fink, created as an assault on Mickey Mouse, became a symbol for the culture. The film features the voices of John Goodman, Jay Leno, and Matt Groening. Produced in association with Bravo!

Tuesday, April 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on The Comedy Network

Who’s who of top comedic talents roast Pamela Anderson in a rousing night of insulting insight featuring the talents of Jimmy Kimmell, Tommy Lee, Eddie Griffin, Nick DiPaolo, Andy Dick, Courtney Love, and many more.

Saturday, April 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on The Comedy Network

Misery loves company and Jeremy Hotz is ready to tell you why. Hot off his extremely successful tour of Western Canada, catch the return of What a Miserable Tour This Is.

Thursday, Apr. 23 at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT on Bravo

The medium is the message. This documentary blends animation, vintage footage and computer effects to examine the life and philosophy of great Canadian scholar Marshall McLuhan. Produced in association with Bravo!

Tuesday, April 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on The Comedy Network

Blue collar comedian Jeff Foxworthy is skewered by his fellow comedians, friends, and others.

Monday, Apr. 20 at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT on Bravo


Illustrious musician Neil Diamond takes centre stage in this 60-minute concert special to celebrate his remarkable show business career that spans almost five decades. The music sensation treats the audience to a selection of career-defining classics from Sweet Caroline to Cracklin’ Rosie and Love on the Rocks, along with material from his latest hit album, Home Before Dark. When questioned by the celebrity-packed audience, Diamond opens up about his exciting life and career.