National History Month Celebrated on Grey’s Anatomy

March and Women’s History month may be drawing to a close, but Grey’s Anatomy is continuing to celebrate the strength of women through its powerful plotlines. Last week, on the episode rightly titled “Stand by Me”, writer Zoanne Clack who penned the episode believes that Meredith was the front-runner for strong women when Grey’s aired on CTV last Thursday.

While Izzie struggled with the decision as to whether or not she should treat her cancer, Bailey tried to save the day by sending doctor after doctor out to the woods after Derek, and Cristina tried to mobilize Izzie into action; Meredith, instead of running (her normal reaction to potential conflict), tried to convince her not yet fiancé to return to the hospital as Izzie’s white knight.

Perhaps it is Meredith’s history of fleeing that makes Clack happy to see her take a stand in an attempt to control a situation spiraling out of control; but viewers will definitely have to tune in tonight to see if her efforts finalize a marriage proposal and, most importantly, bring Dr. McDreamy back within the hospital walls.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on CTV tonight at 9pm EST, following the American Idol results show.

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