Sunday April 5 and 12 at T 9pm on ON CBC-TV


Following a trail of greed and obsession, DIAMONDS, a powerful two-part miniseries, traces the international web that brings us diamonds—the world’s purest and most dazzling gems. From the fashionable enclaves of London, to the icy Canadian Arctic, to the war-ravaged villages of Sierra Leone, DIAMONDS takes television viewers inside an industry that is among the world’s most glamorous, but which can also be dangerous—and illegal. DIAMONDS telecasts on CBC Television, on Sunday, April 5 and Sunday, April 12, at 9 p.m.

Developed and commissioned by CBC Television, DIAMONDS was acquired by ABC network for broadcast in the U.S. The multi-layered fictional stories of DIAMONDS take place across several continents and were filmed in South Africa, London and Churchill, Manitoba.

The once mighty Denmont Corporation with headquarters in South Africa is on the verge of collapse, threatened by upstart rivals and new competition in the Canadian Arctic, just beginning to emerge as a diamond-producing powerhouse. Usurping control of the company from his estranged father, Lucas Denmont (James Purefoy, Rome) seeks to restore the company’s fortunes—at any cost.

When American senator Joan Cameron’s (Judy Davis, The Starter Wife) daughter is murdered at a Congolese diamond mine, Cameron travels to Africa to find out why her daughter was killed. The search leads her to Piers Denmont (Sir Derek Jacobi, Gladiator), Lucas’ father, who fears his son may be behind the killing. Meanwhile, geologist Stephanie Dresser (Joanne Kelly, Vanished), who was in charge of the expedition and witnessed the young woman’s murder, tries to bury her grief in her work, travelling to the Canadian Arctic to hunt diamonds far from the bloodshed of the Congo. But once there, she is forced again to face her most challenging ethical dilemma—is finding a diamond worth the human cost?

DIAMONDS also stars Stephen McHattie (300) as Llewellyn Anderson, Louise Rose (Dream Team) as London-based model Luna Kormoma and Kris Holden-Ried (The Tudors) as Denver Beeston.

DIAMONDS is directed by Andy Wilson. The screenplay is written by David Vainola, inspired by the book Diamonds by Matthew Hart. It is produced by Jennifer Kawaja and Julia Sereny with producers Liz Jarvis, Phyllis Laing, Philo Pieterse, Simon Vaughn and Nick Witkowski. Executive producers are Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny and Carrie Stein. It is a Sienna Films – Alchemy Television Production in co-production with Buffalo Gal Pictures and Love Reigns and made in association with CBC Television. It is a Canadian/United Kingdom/South African co-production.

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