American Idol Viewers Finally Say Goodbye to Michael Sarver

Thursday night on American Idol, America finally voted for talent over tragedy. While some may be surprised Michael Sarver hung on so long, others have been expecting him to remain, not because of his voice, but because of his hardworking, relatable personality.

Sure, he probably is a very nice guy; a family man with a tough job,  but according to Idol judge Simon Cowell on Wednesday night, that singing as he has; he has no hope to win the competition. And for once, it seems that America agreed, sending Sarver home after placing Matt Giraud and Scott Macintyre in the bottom 3 during Thursday’s episode.

However, Michael Sarver has no plan to return to his oil rig job just yet, according to the Associated Press; so fans who loved him more for his story than his voice, might have to reevaluate their conceptions of the American Idol contestant. Okay, maybe not too much since Sarver intends to devote his full attention to his family before the Top 10 embarks on the Idol tour. He also doesn’t want to return to work and risk injury that might prevent him from performing and extending his 15 minutes of fame.

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