A Grey's Anatomy Proposal, Finally!

Five years in the making, Derek and Meredith are finally one step closer to tying the knot on Grey’s Anatomy, following this Thursday’s touching and romantic episode that aired on CTV.

As we expected, Derek’s second “proposal” (if you can call it that), was turned down when he unromantically said to Meredith he “needs her to say yes” before going in to perform drastic brain surgery on Izzie. However, later in the episode he more than made up for it, with a heartwarming elevator proposal; the location where their relationship was allowed to develop and grow over the five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

After the Chief delayed Meredith from getting on the wrong elevator, Derek greeted Meredith looking quite dapper (finally shaven in a nice suit) in an elevator with a timeline of their history together. Derek took Meredith back in time using imaging of previous patients; surgeries where they worked together that preceded or followed significant points in their romantic relationship. Derek didn’t get down on one knee, but he didn’t have to; and naturally, Meredith agreed that she would become the next Mrs. McDreamy.

One thing that was blatantly missing from one of the most significant scenes on Grey’s Anatomy this season, was the ring. After a non-traditional proposal, perhaps Meredith will not announce her engagement with a glamorous piece of bling; or perhaps the jewelry will resurface from it’s resting place in the woods.

Now that the engagement has happened, will the wedding bells be ringing this season for Derek and Meredith who have finally managed (or so it seems) to whether the storm of their turbulent relationship?

The plot unfolds next week on Grey’s Anatomy. Tune into CTV at 9pm EST.

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