March 2009

Wednesday, April 15 – 8pm ET/PT

A whole new season brings even more drama! Khloe gets a prison sentence for a parole violation, causing Kris to confront some unresolved issues concerning her late ex-husband.

Sunday, April 5 – 7pm ET/PT

Growing up in the shadow of famous parents, Kate Hudson has finally found her own voice in Hollywood. Her career and love life are in bloom, after moving on from divorce.

Friday, April 3 – 9pm ET/PT

The McCoys’ and Taylors’ friendship is on thin ice after Joe and J.D.’s scuffle; Buddy tries to make amends with Lyla; Tyra and Landry try to rekindle their romance.

Wednesday, April 1 – 10pm ET/PT

The Interns stress while the editors are away in Europe. Joanna (Editor-In-Chief) has left them with their assignments to complete. The girls must create a page for the magazine and if one of them is good enough it will be in an upcoming issue. The tensions continue to mount between the Intern both in their work lives as well as their living arraignment.

Wednesday, April 1 – 9pm ET/PT

Kehoe begins to wreak havoc in the house, driving Janice and the other models crazy. With Janice on the end of her tether will she have to cut him loose? Also, the models decide to host a dinner for Janice and, they’re all surprised by the arrival of a surprise special guest.

Tuesday, March 31 – 10pm ET/PT

Robert and Hayley find out that she might be pregnant just as the Diamonds are about to welcome their first child. Robert is really excited about having another baby, but Hayley thinks it’s just not the right time.

Tuesday, March 31 – 9pm ET/8pm PT

The contestants get a blast from the past this week with visits from season five winner Ali Vincent and season six winner Michelle Aguilar, both filling in as host while Alison Sweeney is on maternity leave. The contestants are also surprised by the arrival of some old friends, whose return promises to shake up the competition. And while one player is sidelined by medical issues, the rest compete in a balance and endurance challenge that finds each contestant standing on a platform, suspended six feet over a pool. One by one, the lines supporting the platform are removed, making it harder to stand, until only the winner is left standing. Later, Bob has last chance workouts at the beach before the weigh in, which is followed by a surprising elimination.

Monday, March 30 – 9:30pm ET/PT

Jeff and Audrey don’t want to go to Jennifer and Adam’s party because the party they are going to has a special guest. Timmy has to keep an eye on Russell.

Monday, March 30 – 9pm ET/PT

My Boys follows PJ (Jordana Spiro), a twenty-something professional sportswriter who is looking for love within her world which is dominated by her group of male friends. Her tomboyish, no-nonsense approach to relationships tends to freak out potential suitors, which leads her only female friend to advise her to dress and act more feminine.

Monday, March 30 – 8:30pm ET/PT

Barney attempts to complete in a single day all the tasks from a list Ted made to prove the gang’s not too old to do them.