W-FIVE Investigates Ontario Preacher Accused of Influencing Women to Leave Their Families

Some people would do anything for eternal salvation. On a new episode of W-FIVE, premiering Saturday, February 21 at 7 p.m. ET (visit CTV.ca to confirm local listings) reporter Victor Malarek investigates a local Pastor from Ballinafad, Ontario who has allegedly influenced women in his congregation, causing them to leave their families and devote their lives to Mount Zion Full Gospel Ministries. In this episode, Malarek probes behind the pulpit to find out if these women have been brainwashed into his strange brand of religious devotion and whether Pastor Paton’s teachings are based in scripture or selfishness.

Alice Sanderson is a mother, new grandmother and a Pastor Paton follower. Last year she left her husband and family for the church, claiming that God called on her, instructing her to leave her old life behind. Sanderson’s husband Jim claims his wife has been brainwashed by her Pastor. He holds out hope that his wife will return home even after she cut off all communication and served him with divorce papers.

Malarek’s W-FIVE report reveals a cult-like congregation who blindly follows this on-line ordained minister. Left in Paton’s wake are families, like the Sandersons, who are baffled and heartbroken after this alleged brainwashing has left their family in shambles.

In the second half of Saturday’s episode, W-FIVE’s Avis Favaro examines the miraculous results of a promising, but still unproven treatment for those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For the past seven years, W-FIVE has been following a study conducted by Ottawa neurologist Dr. Mark Freedman. The story chronicles two patients as they undergo life-threatening chemotherapy and stem cell transplants to treat the disease. W-FIVE first reported this treatment with an award winning documentary in 2004.

Favaro also meets Lee Chuckry, an MS patient from Alberta, who travels to China to receive stem cell transplants in an effort to halt his symptoms. Favaro follows this father of two children to see how far he is willing to go in his quest for a cure.

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