February 2009

INDIA REBORN is an international co-production with CBC Television, ZDF (Germany), S4C (Britain) and France 5 that charts the rise of this emerging world superpower. Cinematic in scope, the two-part series unfolds with intimacy and insight, giving viewers a window into the lives of the people living through India’s dramatic transformation. A potent mixture of dreams and despair, INDIA REBORN is a fascinating look into a land that has a leading role in reshaping the world. In four vibrant hours of HD television, INDIA REBORN begins Sunday, March 15, and continues Sunday, March 22, from 8 to 10 p.m., on CBC Television.

The western world’s fascination with India continues to grow, with millions flocking to the sleeper hit film Slumdog Millionaire, with masses of people heading to India for private medical treatment, and business leaders seeking new investment opportunities in a country faring better than most in the global economic crisis.

INDIA REBORN delves into the country’s successes and challenges, showcasing the breadth of 21st century India.

Airing on Sunday, March 15, at 8 p.m. (8:30 p.m. NT), the first part of INDIA REBORN, titled Myth and Might, will journey into India’s rich world of myth and growing economic might. From the flames of the Ganges’ ancient pyres to the Navratri festival, to the jungles where a fierce war is underway, the introduction to the series will give viewers a panoramic view of this diverse democracy as never seen before.

The second hour sees the new culture of excess mix with old world values. In Manufacturing Dreams, viewers will meet Neha Chopra, a millionaire’s daughter who dreams of having the biggest “Bollywood style” wedding in New Delhi, lasting over 14 days, with a staggering 8,000 guests. Tarun Ratnani is a popular young DJ in Mumbai, living the life of a swinging bachelor and adamantly resisting his parents’ attempts to find him a bride. And Pradeep Sharma is a night watchman at a 5-star hotel who sees it all. He blames Bollywood, India’s own version of Hollywood complete with beautiful actresses, handsome actors and plenty of scandal, for driving India’s societal problems.

As the North American economy continues to crash, it’s undeniable that India is on the Move (airing Sunday, March 22, at 8 p.m., 8:30 p.m. NT). The country is quickly moving up the world’s economic and political ladder. Part three of INDIA REBORN displays the excitement of life in cities pulsating with new wealth. Seated in the leather armchair in his private jet, billionaire Vijay Mallya half-jokingly declares, “Before America and Europe held centre stage. I guess centre stage is going to move east.” Viewers will also meet married couple Arjun and Sunita, American-trained doctors. Their lucrative company provides immediate CAT scan and x-ray results, analyzed by Indian radiologists, to patients in emergency rooms in America. But not everyone in India is getting ahead. The countryside is rife with loss and longing as farmers continue to live in debt, and an alarming number commits suicide. The archaic caste system is still in practice in rural areas and the undertow of religious intolerance causes many to fear that history will repeat itself in bloody violence.

Modernity and tradition collide in the spicy final hour of INDIA REBORN, titled Mother India. India is a country steeped in custom and food is one of the main components of the culture. From the kitchen of a celebrity chef to the kitchen of a home grown ‘Kebab King,’ to the market stalls where poor farmers sell their meagre produce in an attempt to feed their families, the final hour shows us how food unites and divides modern India.

Despite the burgeoning change in India, the country still suffers from rampant corruption, patronage politics, overpopulated cities, staggering pollution, severe water shortages and the threat of nuclear war. But just like a Bollywood movie, hope and the belief in happiness make up the soul of India. In this beautifully produced series, viewers will see the country’s colourful dichotomy set to the narrative of its people.

Musician and resident adventurer Ed Robertson gears up for another high-flying season of Ed’s Up premiering Sunday, March 8 on OLN.

“We’re delighted to have a new season of Ed’s Up back on OLN,” says Alain Strati, Vice President of Specialty Television and Development, Rogers Media Television. “Ed Robertson is a multi-talented guy, and the show reflects the adventurous nature of our channel, and of our audience.”

This season Ed explores his own emotional and physical limits as he ventures to far off countries to experience some of the world’s most difficult jobs.  Each episode sees Ed landing in a different town meeting a new boss and facing a new challenge.  Watch as Ed connects with grade six students in a Jamaican school and tries his hand at coffee farming, takes to the streets of London as a push bike courier, navigates the Alberta tar sands as a Fort McMurray mechanic, learns how to dispose of human remains and more.  Ed takes it all in stride with his trademark Canadian charm and down-to-earth attitude.

Over the past two season’s Ed had logged some serious flight-time in his Cessna airplane, crossing North America and taking on a series of on-the-job challenges and performing some skillful water landings in his new floatplane.  From the army to the CFL, from a New York City Hospital to a NASCAR pit and an Alberta slaughter house, you might say Ed has done it all!

They may be tough jobs but somebody’s gotta do ‘em! Catch the third season of Ed’s Up Sunday March 8 at 8pm ET/PT.

Saturday, March 14 10 p.m.

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) must rely on his other senses during the murder investigation of a financial advisor when he loses his sight as a result of an explosion.

Sunday, March 15 9 p.m.

When Susan (Teri Hatcher) tries to impress Jessie (Swoosie Kurtz, PUSHING DAISIES), a teacher at work, Jessie comes away with the wrong impression. With the wrong intent, Gaby (Eva Longoria) convinces Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) to hire Lynette (Felicity Huffman). As Orson’s (Kyle MacLachlan) shameful habit grows, Bree (Marcia Cross) will protect herself from embarrassment at all costs, and a suspicious Edie (Nicolette Sheridan) slyly digs further into Dave’s (Neal McDonough) past.

Sunday, March 15 8 p.m.

The race around the world continues, with the remaining teams going head-to-head for the $1 million prize.

Sunday, March 15 7:30 p.m.

Emma’s (Miriam McDonald) tired of being referred to as Kelly’s (Evan Williams) girlfriend and Blonde Emma – she’s not even blonde anymore!  Determined to create a distinct university identity, Emma borrows some pot from Kelly and smokes up with Becca (Nicole Dicker) and Gwyneth (Hayley Andoff).  Emma wants to uphold her new stoner persona and shares pot brownies with everyone at the Floor Olympics event.  But when campus cops raid the room, will Emma stand up and take responsibility or will someone else take the fall?

Sunday, March 15 7 p.m.

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi investigate the disappearance of a clone security force stationed on a remote outpost. The Jedi, accompanied by Senator Riyo Chuchi, soon discover their clone troopers were attacked by a tribe of furry natives known as the Talz. The Jedi manage to negotiate peace with the Talz chieftain, Thi-Sen, when greedy Representative Cho breaks it by insisting the planet and the Talz are under his power. The resulting conflict escalates into war between the senator led clones and the Talz, with the Jedi in the middle.

Saturday, March 14 9 p.m.

Police suspect a drug dealer on trial is behind the murders of the State’s witness in his case, as well as his girlfriend. But Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) sees a different motive for the crime, as well as a different suspect.

Friday, March 13 10 p.m.

In the first-season finale, Roz (Gloria Reuben) and Balco (Currie Graham) retry an overturned case involving a firefighter charged with stealing property during a blaze. Elsewhere, a secret about Bobbi’s (Natalia Cigliuti) husband is brought to light, and a serious conflict with Judge Kessler (Jane Kaczmarek) continues to impact Charlie (Jonathan Scarfe).

Friday, March 13 9 p.m.

Walter Volcek (Peter Outerbridge, REGENESIS) will never get over the murder of his only daughter.  Now, the serial killer responsible has finally been caught overseas and is being escorted by Team One.  But Team One is put to the ultimate test when Volcek, Army-trained and battle-scarred, goes on a seemingly suicidal mission to get at his daughter’s killer any way he can, including taking a SRU team member hostage.