The Amazing Race Returns

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as another nail-biting season of THE AMAZING RACE returns to CTV’s primetime schedule on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET beginning February 15 (visit to confirm local broadcast times). Phil Keoghan returns as host in the fourteenth instalment of the hit series which begins at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base near Long Beach, CA. A viewer favourite and consistent Top 10 series in Canada, the Emmy Award-winning competition series follows the teams as they travel over 40,000 miles in 22 days to nine countries, including Romania for the first time, as well as Switzerland, India and Russia.

THE AMAZING RACE once again follows teams competing in a race around the world in hopes of winning a $1million dollar prize. The 11 new teams battling it out for big bucks in THE AMAZING RACE are:

Siblings Tammy Jih and Victor Jih, Harvard lawyers from Los Angeles, CA

Student Amanda Blackledge and Sales Representative Kris Klicka, a couple from San Diego, CA

Christie Volkmer, from Oklahoma, and Jodi Wincheski, from Texas, Flight Attendants and friends

Brad and Victoria Hunt, a husband and wife team from Columbus, OH

Writer Mel White from Virginia, and his son Mike White, a Writer/Producer/Director from Santa Monica, CA, a gay father and son team

College grad Luke Adams, the first-ever deaf contestant, and his mom, research assistant Margie Adams, from Monument, CO

Carpenter Steve Cole and his customer service rep wife Linda Cole, traveling country bumpkins

Program coordinator Lakisha Hoffman and Marketing Assistant Jennifer Hoffman, sisters from Kentucky

Michael Munoz, from Hawaii, and Mark Munoz, from Los Angeles, CA, a sibling stuntmen team

Law student Cara Rosenthal and former Police Officer Jaime Edmondson, from Delray Beach, FL

Software Engineer Preston McCamy and student Jennifer Hopka, from South Carolina

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